Vigil. Angela Slatter

Vigil is an urban fantasy/detective story, the first of a Verity Fassbender series.

The first thing that happened when I started to read this book was that I felt really old, too old to be reading about a teen who tries to come across badass but is actually just grumpy, self-absorbed and quite rude. But I stuck with it and it turns out that Verity (great name) must be I think at least in her mid-20s. And at times, I was reminded a little bit of Kinsey Millhone, who I absolutely adore, but Verity is going to need a tad more depth and and do a lot less sneering if she wants to approach the greatness of that PI.

Okay, I like that the book is set in Brisbane, and without having ever been to Australia, it feels authentic. The plot is interesting, although it is sometimes quite difficult to follow the deductive leaps that Verity makes, and I can imagine this series on Netflix. This novel was entertaining enough, some work on characters and tightening the writing would make it a more enjoyable read too.

Vigil earns 2.5 stars.

I received this ebook free from NetGalley and the publisher, Jo Fletcher Books.

Vigil was published in the UK on 13 July 2017.


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