Between the Lies. Cathy MacPhail

4 stars for this brisk thriller for teenagers.

Judith Tremayne, a 14-year-old girl from Port Glasgow in Scotland, has gone missing. The consequences of this are explored through the viewpoint of classmate Abbie Knox. This novel explores bullying, the power and hold of social media, family relationships, school life and the media, all without slowing down the thrilling plot of twists and turns. There are shocking revelations, moving scenes and some moments of real creepiness. The story is told in simple language in short, punchy sentences and the writing effectively interweaves newspaper reports, texts and tweets in Abbie’s narration. This is a book for teenagers (and older) to devour with real enjoyment – and if they manage to savour the book more slowly there are nice touches, such as the amusingly authentic social media names, to appreciate.

I received this ebook free from NetGalley. It was published by Kelpies (KelpiesEdge) on 20 Apr 2017.


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