The Man Who Loved Libraries: The Story of Andrew Carnegie. Andrew Larsen

5 stars for this wonderful children’s biography of Andrew Carnegie.

As someone who works in the world’s first Carnegie library, in Andrew Carnegie’s home town of Dunfermline, I simply had to read this book! Thank you so much to NetGalley and Owlkids Books for letting me have an ARC of The Man Who Loved Libraries.

This is a really good short introduction to Andrew Carnegie, and to ideas of sharing and philanthropy, for school-children. I am surprised to see Dunfermline described as a village (it was a Royal Burgh; a birth and burial-place of Scottish royalty, eg. St Margaret and Robert the Bruce are buried at Dunfermline Abbey; and the 1841 census records the Dunfermline parish population as 19,778). Aside from this I found the book to be highly readable and full of accurate information. The book is brief so there is no mention of the Peace Palace, funding of swimming baths and church organs etc but I am glad that there is reference to Carnegie’s attitude and actions with regard to workers’ unions, as this is important, and gives children a more complex view of Carnegie.

The illustrations within the book are attractive and suit the subject matter well.

I will be recommending this book far and wide!

The Man Who Loved Libraries was published in the UK by Owlkids onĀ 15 August 2017.


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