The Water Walker. Joanne Robertson

4 stars for this account for children of Josephine Mandamin and the Mother Earth Water Walkers.

This lovely children’s book tells the story of grandmother/nokomis Josephine Mandamin’s decision to draw attention to how precious water (nibi) is and how endangered by pollution. Nokomis began walking around Turtle Island – North America – with a staff in one hand and a pail of nibi in the other. Over time, she and fellow Mother Earth Water Walkers walked around all the Great Lakes and the St Lawrence river, and later to more distant shores. The story has a glossary and pronunciation guide for the Ojibwe words that appear in the text, and there is a page containing facts about Nokomis Josephine Mandamin as well as a photograph of her with the author.

This is an important book about stewarding the earth which asks of us all ‘What are you going to do about it?’ It is also a necessary story in highlighting the indigenous peoples of Canada and the United States, through an Ojibwe woman’s campaign. As well as this, the picture book is an engaging story with appealing illustrations: I am particularly fond of the bunny slippers Nokomis wears when she is at home.

I received this ebook free from NetGalley and Second Story Press. The publication date is 5 September 2017.


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