Anxious for Nothing. Max Lucado

4 stars for this brief and simple read about ‘Finding Calm in a Chaotic World’.
Usefully, the main text of the book is followed by a full listing of all the Scriptures quoted within its pages. Max Lucado gives examples of the kinds of things people worry about and why. He gives concrete examples of situations and times when he himself has known anxiety, fear, and guilt. This is helpful, as is his statement that anxiety means we are human; ‘it does not mean that you are not a Christian’.

Concentrating on Phil. 4:4-8 but drawing on many verses in the Old and New Testament, Lucado equips the reader with God’s promises and scriptural advice, reminding readers of the importance of rejoicing and thankfulness, of casting our anxieties on Jesus, of the importance of prayer and being specific in our prayer requests, and of abiding in Jesus. As someone who keeps trying to ‘earn’ salvation (I know!), I found encouragement in the section about the fruit of the Spirit which can be summarised as ‘But how do you bear this fruit? Try harder? No, hang tighter’.

As I think *all* Christian books and discussions boil down to, the message here is to focus on Jesus.

I found this book comforting and interesting, I don’t think it will get me back behind the wheel of a car (in this case, Max, the fear isn’t of not having control but of having to take control) but I hope to use it to combat anxiety in a changing workplace environment.

Finally, if I were to buy this book, I know that I would much prefer to have a paper copy over an ebook – concepts are built up over pages and chapters so it is the kind of book where I want to flick back constantly.

I received this book free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. UK publication: Thomas Nelson Publishers, 12 September 2017.

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