Prisoner of Ice and Snow. Ruth Lauren

4 stars for this highly enjoyable children’s adventure with classic ingredients: fictional countries and royal families; palace, prison, and dungeon; and themes of loyalty and betrayal.

Valor cannot rest until and unless she saves her twin sister Sasha, who has been found guilty of stealing a valuable music box that was to seal the treaty of alliance between Demidova and neighbouring country Magadanskya. Sasha has been sentenced to a harsh children’s gaol that nobody has escaped from in 300 years but Valor is determined to join her sister and break them out of prison. Who can Valor trust to help in her quest?

This book is really good in its treatment of friendship, trust and loyalty and how these elements drive Valor to persevere and not give up. I admire how the writer Ruth Lauren illustrates the dangers in the story by examples of extreme heat and cold, from scalding hot water in a kitchen to becoming perilously cold in a cell of ice.

I recommend this story and I am looking forward to the second book in the series.

I received this ebook free from Net Galley and publisher Bloomsbury. UK paperback publication date: 7 September 2017.



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