Unshakeable Trust. Joyce Meyer

5 stars for Unshakeable Trust by Joyce Meyer.

Unshakeable Trust does exactly what you would expect of a Joyce Meyer book. It is packed full of relevant Bible quotes, empathy, support and a pinch of loving rebuke. This is a woman who knows and trusts God, and can communicate her hard-won wisdom to her readers. In Unshakeable Trust she talks about the importance of leaning on God and developing a relationship with him, obedience, choosing to have a positive attitude and expectancy that God’s promises will be kept, and helping others instead of focusing on oneself; additionally she explores doubt, suffering, and waiting. Helpfully, Joyce shares where she has made mistakes and sinned, and how she has grown in faith; she also gives concrete examples of the kinds of prayer she says herself. The end result for this reader is to feel more clear-headed and to be refreshed.

A great deal of the book is quote-worthy. With the proviso that these quotes are from the Advanced Reader Copy that I read (and therefore might be changed in the final printed version), here are two brief quotes I found encouraging:

‘Don’t be discouraged with yourself if sometimes you seem to have very little faith; just remember that when we use our little faith, it can become great faith over time’


‘You really don’t have to do it all. The truth is that Jesus has already done it all, and through trust, faith, and belief in Him, you can breathe a sigh of relief and let your burden go!’

I received this ebook free from NetGalley in return for an honest review. Publisher: Faithwords. UK publication date: 12 September 2017. A study guide will also be available.


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