Ghosts of Greenglass House. Kate Milford

3 stars for this children’s book, sequel to Greenglass House.

I didn’t dislike this story about Milo and his adventures at Greenglass House but neither did I warm to it very much. Some of the characterisation is lovely – I like Milo, his ghost friend Meddy, and Marzana – but I found other characters to be quite insubstantial. Up until almost the end of the novel I found it difficult to remember who was who amongst the male carollers (the Waits), and I also found thieves Clem and Georgie too similar. I enjoyed plot elements relating to quest and mystery but I didn’t engage with other parts of the novel – the many references to role-playing games and Milo finding his courage by imagining himself to be an ‘ecstatic solitaire’ named Tengfei left me cold, I’m afraid. I felt this book was a bit too long and would have had more impact if it had been stripped back a little.

The illustrations on the cover and at each chapter heading, by Jaime Zollars, are simply beautiful.

I received this ebook free from NetGalley free in return for an honest review. UK kindle publication date, by Clarion Books: 3 October 2017.


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